What is Miru?

Miru Miru (or Miru for short), is a website publishing system with several key features;

  • 100% web-browser based website creation and content management
  • Support for an entire team of editors, as many as you like
  • Ability to run in "Private" mode with a select team of editors, or in "Wiki" mode with public editing allowed
  • Full skins and layouts capability
  • Based fully on W3C standards
  • Fill built-in content management (CMS) for graphics files, audio, and documents

What does "Miru Miru" mean?

Miru Miru (見る見る) is Japanese for "very fast", "instantly", or "before one's eyes".

We chose the name Miru Miru as a play on the term "Wiki Wiki", which is Hawaiian for "very fast". In a similar fashion, we commonly shorten the name to Miru for convenience.