Using Miru for Product Documentation

Miru is fantastic for product documentation.

Multiple user support
Easily allow a full team of technical writers to collaborate on the documentation.
Easily update
Documentation corrections and changes can be made at any time in the future but personnel you have authorized. This means that your Support team can correct and update documentation long after the product has been launched.
Built-in Search for your Users
Miru's built-in search makes it easy for users to find the information they're looking for.
Integrated News & Updates
RSS feed support allows you to show updates directly on the homepage, including new patches and releases, and updates to the documentation site itself.

Documenting Software Products

Easy add permanent help links from your application
Miru's Monikers provide an easy means to create permalinks from your application to your product documentation. Each feature & screen in your application can link to a different page in your documentation site. Using Monikers, those pages can be named, so that you can later rearrange content freely on your site without breaking those program links.

More features...

  • definitions automatically culled into a glossary
    • citations automatically culled into bibliography
    • footnotes cataloged
    • tables and figures cataloged
  • efficient inbound linking through permalinks
    • which work even if the pages are moved to another Miru Site
  • ability to build & deploy a system before the docs are written, and write them after
  • ability to update docs with support notes
  • GUID-based errors. Integration with a custom exception handler to allow for support docs after the error is discovered.