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Preparing Your Site for Public Use

Sun 10 Oct 2010 - by Michael Wells

Every public site should use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to track and monitor Site use. 

Between these two tools, you can determine how much traffic your site is getting, where the visitors live, when they're visiting, what they're looking at, and how they got to your site (to name a few).  You can also tell how your website is ranked on various Google keywords.

If your Site represents a physical business location, it should also be registered with Google Places, which is rather like a map-based yellow pages service.

Google Webmaster

  • Allows you to claim ownership of a website as the official webmaster
  • Allows you to see what Google keywords your website is appearing under, and at what position
  • Allows you to register your search engine SiteMap, which is a built-in feature of Miru.

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Google Analytics

Allows you to monitor the use of your website in detailed, graphical reports, including;

  • How much traffic your website is getting (both page views and actual visitor count)
  • How many of your visitors are new, versus returning visitors
  • Where your visitors are geographically located in the world
  • Which pages of your site are most popular
  • How visitors came to your website (e.g. directly, or from Google, or from clicking a link on another site)

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Google Places

Google Places allows you to list your local business on a map.

Think of it as a Yellow Pages Map.  When someone searches "dentists near chicago", Google Places steps in.

It does not require you to have a website, but is a good way to promote your site if you have one.

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