All About Domain Names

Having more than one domain name for your website can have several crucial business advantages. Here are some scenarios to consider;

You formal company name is too long
and you want a shorter version that is easier for your customers to type. A shorter domain name is also better for printing on business cards and in printed advertising.
Your company name is easily mis-spelled

When Encyclopaedia Britannica registered their domain name, they registered as many variations as they could, to ensure that people looking for "Britannica" would find it.

The spelling of your company name is not obvious when heard
Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to spread your business. This includes people telling each other of your website, however it also supports spoken advertising such as radio and TV.

For example, Tamashii Taiko Drummers uses the formal name, with two i's, which is Japanese for "Spirit". In the western world, the double-i spelling is not commonly known, so the group has also registered with one i.

Search Engine Optimization
Some search engines use your domain name as part of the searchable content. For you, this means that sometimes using the most relevant keywords as alternate domain names is a powerful SEO technique.

A Thai restaurant named "boonchoo", which names its website, will only get traffic from people who know the name. That business can receive additional traffic by having a secondary domain names such as,, and so on.