Custom Programming

Sygnal, Inc. is a specialist in programming intelligent, feature-rich web sites. We can help you add custom capabilities to your Miru website, or develop any web application to your requirements.

Forms Capture

If you want to collect data from your users

We can even provide a comprehensive lead-capture and management solution for your business.

Database Design, Setup, Hosting, and Integration

Miru has a number of database-integration features, which allow you to display

You can also integrate

We can help you connect your website to your own database (or one we've built for you), and write the SQL queries needed to access and display your data on your website.

  • Email newsletter setup
  • Email signup captures
  • Database setup
  • Reporting setup
  • Database integration
  • Flash work
  • RSS feed integration
    • blogs, new feeds, and more
  • Video preparation & upload