Do-It-Yourself Website

If you are familiar with the basics of building a website, OR if you are satisfied with using one of our basic pre-existing style templates, this may be the most cost-effective plan for you.

Price: $50 (NZD), which includes;

Access to the Miru Web-building Platform
Construct and manage your site using our own proprietary web builder.
Two years of hosting on Miru's servers
Starting the third year, hosting is $15/month, billed in 3 month increments.

Additional Services

Whether you need more space for your files, or want some help with your artwork design, we can help! Take a look at our additional services.

Skills & Tools We Recommend

If you want a custom styled website, you will want to be familiar with these skills & technologies;

Graphics Design
You will need to be comfortable with designing the graphical elements of your page, such as the header and background.

You will also need appropriate software tools. PhotoShop is highly recommended.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Text colors, fonts, styles, spacing, and other visual details of your content are controlled through CSS.
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
XSL is used to define Miru page-layout templates. If you want a custom page layout, you will need to know enough XSL to create your own.
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
If you are using xTxT documents, and intend to do anything unusual within your content, you may need to know some HTML in order to design those portions of your page.