Custom-Styled Website

Price: $495 (NZD), which includes;

A custom-styled website
We combine your logo, brand, and any photos or artwork you can provide with public domain textures and stock photography to create a visual look that is uniquely yours. Once that "skin" is created, any new pages you create will automatically have that same look-and-feel.

All sites in our basic plan are built using our Basic Layout. This layout has a header image, footer, left-side menu, and center body area. For examples of websites using this layout, please see the Examples section below.

Custom layout designs are also available, if you'd like a different page arrangement, or a specialized menu design. See our Advanced custom site pricing for details.

A domain name of your choosing
We will suggest the 5 best available domain names depending on your company name and industry. Presently, we prefer and .com names, though we can recommend other names as well.
Two years of hosting on Miru's servers
Starting the third year, hosting is $15/month, billed in 3 month increments.

If your website has a very large number of visitors, or if you are serving very large files, there may be additional charges. We will advise you if traffic or download sizes become a concern, and we can help you optimize your site to minimize these issues.

Creation of the basic site structure (up to 10 pages) and main menu
We will help you create the initial pages and menu structure for your site. If you can provide electronic text, either in email or as a Word document, we can copy that into the pages as well. Of course, Miru allows you to login at any time and create or change the page content yourself later.

Additional Services

Whether you need more space for your files, or want some help with your artwork design, we can help! Take a look at our additional services.

Website Examples

These websites all use our Basic Website Plan, described above.

These also use the Basic website plan, but with an adjusted Layout.