Miru Marketing Services

However optimisation alone has its limits.

To maximize your website traffic you need to actively promote your site to your prospective customers.

The team at Miru can help you organise efficient and low-cost paid promotions through services like Google, which is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Key Tactics for Promoting Online

Optimise your Website
Think carefully about the keywords people will use when searching Google for your product or service.
List your website with free directory services
You can find directories by country and industry which can help you to make your website more visible to your prospective clients.
Update your site regularly
Google notices when you change your site, and many people comment that a regularly updated site appears higher in Google's results rankings.
Partner online with your industry partners
Search engines like Google rank you according to "relevance", which they measure (in part) on how many other "good sites" are linking to you. Your business partners, suppliers, and even your customers are good partners in this, and using Miru you can easily exchange links with them.
Create value - build your site content
Make your site valuable, by creating valuable content. If you are a restaurant, consider adding some great recipes to your site. If your content is great, your customers will share that with their friends, and other sites will link to you as well -- all of which increases your visibility.
Plan & execute a good paid-promotions strategy
Google, Overture, and Facebook are excellent venues for promoting your site to your customers in a very targeted and cost-efficient manner.

Key Tactics for Traditional Promotions

Promote your Website address, Everywhere
Put it on your business cards, your letterhead, your flyers and brochure. Include it in any print, radio, or TV advertising you pay for.
Consider using Miru's advances print-tracking features
Miru's monikers feature allows you to prepare special URLs for each of your traditional-media advertising campaigns. These can be used to measure the success of those media, and can also take those visitors to a campaign-specific page, such as a new product launch or a special offer.

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