Strategic Partner Logos

Logos are downloadable below the usage guidelines.

Usage Guidelines for our Strategic Partner Logo

Our Strategic Partner logo is an important tool to leverage your relationship with our company, but this can only be accomplished if the logo is used properly, taking care to protect its integrity and avoid any unauthorized or inadvertent misuse.

Here are a few ground rules regarding the use of the logo:

  1. The Strategic Partner logo remains the property of our company, and only our company is entitled to authorize the use of this logo by others.
  2. Once you obtain our authorization, the Strategic Partner logo is reserved for your exclusive use. You may not accept any remuneration from a third party for the use of this logo, regardless of the intended purpose.
  3. IATA permits the use of its Strategic Partner logo to identify and promote corporate activities. The logo should never be portrayed as endorsing any specific product or service.
  4. We reserve the right to withdraw any right to the use of our logo, at any time and for any reason.
  5. Pre-authorization for any communication piece using our logo may be obtained by contacting our Brand Management division (please allow 7 working days for approval).

If you require any further information about the use of this logo, please submit your questions to Brand Management at or +64 21 238 5096.


Contact us with specific logo usage needs and we will send you the appropriate artwork.