Pipedrive Integration with Miru

Pipedrive is a fantastic Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) system which helps you track sales leads and customer contact information through your sales cycle.  Pipedrive is very visual and makes it easy to see where each sales lead is at in your sales cycle. 

  • Web-to-Lead.  When a customer fills out a web form on your website, Miru can automatically create that sales lead for you within Pipedrive as a "Deal", where your sales team can track & manage it efficiently.

Advanced Features

  • You can configure what information Pipedrive stores for each of your Deals, Contacts, Organizations, and Activities, to track exactly the information your sales force needs.  You can even customise your sales Pipeline to match your precise sales process, and create multiple Pipelines for different areas of your business.
  • For some companies, Pipedrive is suitable for tracking the delivery of your product or service following the successful sale.
  • You can maintain multiple sales pipelines, and move Deals between them.
    • Miru's Pipedrive integration can deliver new Deals to the stage and pipeline of your choosing.
  • For added power, Pipedrive can be integrated with a lot of 3rd party services to generate quotes, manage to-do lists, and more. 

Other Sygnal Services for Pipedrive

  • Data preparation and loading of your customer database and sales leads.
  • Configuration of your Sales Pipeline(s) in Pipedrive to match your business processes.
  • Staff training and support.