eXtensible TeXT (xTxT) Documents

eXtensible TeXT (xTxT) is a powerful markup syntax which allows for quick, structured markup of plain text documents.

It's one of the unique formats available in Miru, and should be used whenever you need its special capabilities.

Advantages of using xTxT over HTML

Here are a few of the features which make xTxT more powerful than straight HTML.

More exacting control over styles and HTML content
In xTxT you have precise control over your HTML output, which is important to designers. It also means you have direct access to all of the things that are important for search engine optimising your site.
Dynamic content embedding
xTxT gives you the ability to directly embed dynamic content such as XSL, RSS, and ATOM feeds. You plug these directly into your Page content, which means that your Site gets the Search Engines Optimisation (SEO) benefit of those dynamic keywords too.
Content Suppression
If you actively manage your website, you will find you often want to suppress content temporarily without deleting it. For example you want to replace your 15% off special with something different, but later you will be bringing that 15% off special back again. xTxT allows you to comment out content portions temporarily, and easily uncomment them later, just like source code.
Write your own tags, and define what HTML they produce
Supports multiple renderers
Write one xTxT document, and you can then output it as;
  • HTML 4
  • HTML 3.1
  • Plain text
  • PDF
Intelligent document internals
xTxT talks to Miru and provides detailed information about your document. This means that Miru can use cross-document things like dictionary definitions. For example, the /def tag allows you to define a dictionary definition, which Miru can collect and centralize.
Intelligent Linking across pages
Miru's intelligent linking syntax can be more directly manipulated and controlled in xTxT than it can in HTML.
Built-in support for footnotes
Allows you to keep your footnote content with its reference, and still render it at the bottom of the page (and in site-wide footnotes).
Built-in support for sequences
xTxT sequences are an advanced version of the HTML ordered list concept. Embed sequences anywhere you want in your page, including Headings, and control all aspects of the sequence including the starting point, interval, and display formatting.