Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are developing a public website, you probably want people to find it.
This is known as the art of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

Miru places great emphasis on strong SEO capabilities, and offers a wide array of tools for you to maximize your search engine visibility.

Full control over the titles, keywords, and descriptions of every page
Describing your website properly is often considered the foundation of all SEO work, and Miru makes this as easy as possible;
  • Descriptions can be defined uniquely for each page, and a default description can be set for pages that have not yet been individually described.
  • Keywords can be defined both at the page level, and at the site level for all pages. This makes it easy for you to ensure that every page has the right combination of keywords, without having to repeat common keywords on every page.
  • Page Titles are also used by many search engines, and most people neglect this.
Robot Exclusion Protocol (robots.txt)
Automated programs such as search engines look for a file named robots.txt, which specifies your search engine preferences for your website. Miru allows you to configure this file to either allow or deny search engine robots from indexing your website.
Google SiteMap Support (sitemap.xml)
Miru automatically generates and maintains a Search Engine Sitemap for your website. This makes it seach for Google and other search engines to scan your website for changes.
Support for multiple domain names
Most search engines use the domain name itself as an indication of a site's relevance. Therefore if your website is named, and someone searches for "wedding photos", your site is more likely to appear higher in the results.

Miru allows you to prevent search-engine indexing as well.

In some cases, you may want to prevent search engines from indexing your website. For example, a family website that is not secured, but which you really only want your friends and family to see.