Photo Gallery Support

Miru supports a fully integrated photo gallery, customisable to your site layout and design goals.  Each integration is specific to your website design, and includes only the features you want.

  • Display an unlimited photo gallery, or show only the most recent photos added.
  • Zoom in on photos, using "light box" technology
  • Support captions if you like. 
  • Add, remove, and re-order photos anytime

Google Picasa Integration

As a data store for your photos, we frequently use Google Picasa.  It's an enormously powerful platform-

  • Completely free to use.
  • Extremely high availability.
  • Has a great web interface for managing your photos.
  • Offers a full set of photo management and editing tools
  • Very fast photo delivery using Google's cloud technologies
  • Multilingual interface
  • Supported by external tools

Easy Administration via your mobile devices -
iPhone, Android or iPad

If you use a modern smartphone or tablet*, you already have to perfect tool for capturing and adding photos to your website's photo gallery. 

*  Many tablets rely on Wifi support for internet connectivity- so the process of uploading photos to your website may require you to be on a Wifi connection.  Phones are generally more convenient because you can upload photos from anywhere you have cell reception.