Navigation Features

Integrated search
Complete website-wide searching is built into Miru.
Integrated Table of Contents
All Miru websites have an integrated Table of Contents capability, which allows you to see the entire site hierarchy for quick access.
Permalink support
Websites change, and rearrange. Every page in a Miru website also has a permalink, which makes it possible for someone to link to that page even if it has been moved to a different location of your website. Permalinks are also shortened, to ensure they will work in email messages without wrap-breaking.

Permalinks are automatically generated for every page. Miru also offers a named permalink option called a Moniker.

Moniker support
Monikers are named permalinks. You assign one or more monikers to a page, and then you can access it using a special URL pattern;

Monikers are used to allow easy access to content from outside of the website. This allows you to preserve links from other websites and even non-web applications, even when just a portion of a webpage is moved.

Explicit links vs. implicit links
Miru supports both explicit and implicit linking. Explicit links are normal URLs; if the page does not exist, you get a standard 404 error. Implicit links first look at the explicit URL, but the the page is not found there, a particular search algorthm is followed to locate the page. Implicit links always end with ?find