Integration Support

Miru components are designed to integrate with your own custom application as well. This allows you to use portions of the Miru platform to support or augment your own proprietary systems.

Here are some of Miru's component services, and examples of how they can be used;

Miru Documents

You can integrate Miru's core document CMS with other projects, so that Miru provides the content management services for your application.

This allows your users to edit plain-text, HTML, XSL, XML, and other text content outside of your application, so that you do not have to "break open" your application to change these elements.

Your application can integrate that content either using;

  • Miru's XML documents
  • Miru .NET web controls

Examples of applications currently using Miru Documents;

Web applications
Large and complex web applications often have instructional text, user agreements, privacy policies, and other textual documentation that may require ongoing editing. Forcing those changes to go through the application development team is difficult, as is requiring a re-deployment every time.
Application Help Systems
Every application needs a help system. Miru allows you to provide this externally, which means gives you three powerful advantages;
  1. Your documentation team needs no support from your development team. They can build and manage the documentation entirely on their own. From the application UI's, monikers can be used to reference documents, even before the documentation team has decided where those documents will exist.
  2. Documentation can be updated easily after deployment, e.g. as a result of post-deployment help desk calls
  3. The project timeline is not as dependent on final documentation as a deliverable-- documentation can be completed after the application is deployed (although, obviously rough documentation should be in place)

Miru Files

Our binary-file CMS, Miru Files, can be used in other applications separately.

eXtensible TeXT (xTxT)

Sygnal's extensible markup syntax xTxT is fully modular as well, and can be easily integrated into CMS's, reporting packages, email clients, message boards, and more.

Miru Mail List

Miru pages can be used as email newsletter content, and distributed on demand to a list of your choosing. This allows you to email a page directly from your Miru website, with that pages graphics, HTML, and file links fully preserved. Moreover, you can keep that same web page on your website for future reference.

A fully-integrated feature is coming soon

Miru Forms Capture

A fully-integrated feature is coming soon

Crossdomain.xml Support

Configure your Miru website to allow or deny cross-domain scripting. This is used by Flash components to determine whether they can retrieve XML and RSS content from other domain names.