Miru's Core Features

The Miru design team continually rethinks web publishing from the ground up. We look at websites that are doing it right, and we analyze where other CMS's are doing it wrong.

Here are some of Miru's core capabilities, that are probably different from what you have seen.

Fully browser-based website builder
Everything you need to build & manage your Miru website is in your hands already. We primarily support FireFox for its clean design and strong extensibility.
Multi-user support
Create administrator accounts for as many people as you want. This lets you enable the right people to maintain the different areas of your website.
Clean, readable URLs for every page
Most website builders and content management systems require you to have long, ugly URLs. These are not friendly for your users to read, or type, and search engines can find no useful keywords in them to index. Miru gives you complete control over the URL of every page, and has no weird numbers, commas, or other oddities to mess things up.

Learn more about why URLs are important.

Easily accessible administrative screens
All administrative screens in Miru are accessible through the URLs themselves, by appending the appropriate screen name as a querystring. For example you can edit a page by appending ?edit to the URL.
Full skins and layouts support
Websites and pages can be designed and arranged any way you like, using Miru's skins & layouts.
Integrated search
Complete website-wide searching is built into Miru. You can use this yourself through the administrative screens, or you can make it available to the users of your website.
Permalink support
Websites change, and rearrange. Every page in a Miru website also has a permalink, which makes it possible for someone to link to that page even if it has been moved to a different location of your website. Permalinks are also shortened, to ensure they will work in email messages without wrap-breaking.
Instant website creation
You can create a new blank website, use a template, or completely duplicate an existing Miru website. Miru also supports wildcarded subdomains, so you can create an unlimited number of new sub-websites without any further DNS configuration.
Unlimited domain names per website
Apply more than one domain name to your website, to ensure that users always find your website even if they can't spell it.
Hotkey support
Key features of Miru are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. This eliminates the need for any administrative links in your web pages, and at the same time skips the inconvenience of manually editing your URL-bar. For example, accessing Edit mode can be done simply by viewing the page you wish to edit, and then pressing the F12 key.
Support for multiple document types, including eXtensible TeXT (xTxT)
Miru does not force you to publish your content in HTML. You can use other static document types, such as XML, XSL, plain text, CSS, or you can use dynamic document types such as xTxT.
Multilingual support
Support multiple languages on your website, even within the same page.