Full-Featured Content-Management System (CMS)

Miru includes three fully-integrated CMS's;

Miru Documents
Stores website pages (HTML, plain-text, XML, CSS, XSL, etc.) This element keeps a complete history of the document as it is changed, and tracks the author of each change. Miru Documents is also designed to be plain-text searchable. Is designed to allow for in-browser editing of various web-page content, and to deliver that content using the appropriate browser MIME type.
Miru Files
Stores binary files such as JPEG's, GIF's, PDF's, MP3's and Word documents.
Miru Feeds
Stores news or blog-style content in an excerpts format, and delivers them as RSS for integration into Miru.

Keeping these systems discrete also means that Miru Files can be used independently of Miru, e.g. as part of another customized system.