Full Support for 3rd-Party Applications

Any content you can display on the web, you can embed in your Miru website.

Miru also allows for easy, raw HTML embedding in your site which means that you can embed;


Any service can be used with your Miru website.
Here are a just a few examples;

RSS Feeds

Miru offers direct integration for RSS feeds!

Embed any RSS feed, from any source, and the content will be placed directly inside of your webpage for search engines to find and index. This is a great way to keep your website fresh and current.

You can obtain RSS Feeds from most popular news services and blogs, as well as Twitter, YouTube video comments, and even services such as weather and stock prices.

XML Documents

Beyond RSS Feeds, Miru can transform any XML document source into HTML, and embed the result in your website.

This requires some basic programming skill, as you need to create an Extensible Style Sheet (XSL) in order to shape the XML the way you want it to appear.