YouTube Video Gallery Element

Our YouTube Video Gallery allows you to present a collection of YouTube videos on your website, and manage it with ease.  Features include;

  • A thumbnail gallery is displayed, with a customizable play button
  • Titles are included for convenience
  • Clicking any video will auto-play the video in a large overlay window.
  • All content is directly in the HTML, for maximum SEO benefit.



Technical Details

Advanced options;

  • The play button styling can be changed to match your site
  • Video titles are optional, both in the gallery view and in the pop-up video window
  • You can embed several galleries, from several playlists, within your site
  • Any MRSS feed can be used, so this feature is not limited to YouTube specifically.
  • Content is embedded directly into your HTML, for maximum SEO benefit


  • Tested under Firefox, Chrome, and IE
  • Mobile phones and non-Flash devices are supported.
  • Videos will play with either Flash or HTML5 support.

Requirements & limitations;

  • YouTube Playlists must be Public in order to be read
  • Videos on the Playlist must be Public in order to be displayed