Miru's URL Architecture

Users should be able to navigate your website like a well-organized library, and your URL is an important part of that. By organizing your Pages thoughtfully, and choosing their URL paths appropriately, you get three main benefits;

  1. Users always know where they are on your Site
  2. Users can navigate easily to more general topics
  3. Search engines pick up important keywords, and index your pages more efficiently

Users always know where they are on your Site

Your website organization should be clear enough so that simply by looking at the URL, your users should always know where they are on your website.


Tells your users instantly that;

  • Your website is primarily about Recipes
  • They are currently on the "seafood" page of the "italian soups" section
  • There is a more general section, named "soups/italian", which probably lists other Italian Soups they may be interested in
  • There is an even more general section named "soups"

Users can navigate easily to more general topics

More experienced users like to be able to directly edit your URL, and move to more general areas of your website; e.g. if your user is on this page;


The user should be able to simply remove the "seafood" part of the URI, and access the more general Italian Soups page easily;


This is known as URL Hacking, and is a design feature every good website should offer its users.

Search engines pick up important keywords

Your URL's are a critical source of information for Google and other Search Engines. Here are the parts that Google looks at;

  1. The Domain name www.recipes.com helps Google recognize that your entire website is about "recipes".
  2. The .com Top level domain indicates that the website is probably suitable for any viewers, worldwide.
  3. The path to your Page /soups/seafood has
  4. Your Page name is clamchowder