About Miru Technology

The Miru platform is based on a number of key technologies, including;

Miru CSS (xCss)
This is one of the core architectural elements in Miru's skinning capabilities, and is fundamental to our Widget model as well. based on Sygnal xCss.
Miru Documents
Stores website pages (HTML, plain-text, XML, CSS, XSL, etc.) This element keeps a complete history of the document as it is changed, and tracks the author of each change. Miru Documents is also designed to be plain-text searchable. Is designed to allow for in-browser editing of various web-page content, and to deliver that content using the appropriate browser MIME type.
Miru File System (MFS)
MFS handles the storage of binary files such as JPEG's, GIF's, PDF's, MP3's and Word documents. It is unique in that it offers certain manipulations, such as image-resizing, on request, and can automatically thumbnail any file stored there. based on Sygnal xDrive.
Miru Blog (xBlog)
Used for the storage of time-based content, and publishing via RSS feeds. xBlog is an excellent companion to Miru as it lets you easily embed blog content into your site.
Miru DB (MDB)
based on Sygnal dbApi.