About Miru

What is Miru?

Miru Miru (or Miru for short), is a website publishing system with several key features;

  • 100% web-browser based website creation and content management
  • Support for an entire team of editors, as many as you like
  • A full security model, with user-level permissions control
  • Ability to run in "Private" mode with a select team of editors, or in "Wiki" mode with public editing allowed
  • Full skins and layouts capability
  • Based fully on W3C standards
  • Fill built-in content management (CMS) for graphics files, audio, and documents

See Features for a more in-depth listing of Miru's capabilities.

Miru's Guiding Principles

The Miru development team is working hard to evolve Miru on a daily basis, with more than 4,000 features in the operating queue.

The decision on how to prioritize these is based on our Guiding Principles;

  1. Business technology is about business, and not about technology. We seek to add features that can improve your bottom line, and ignore things have have no practical value to your company.
  2. The Web has a lot to offer. We seek to integrate Miru with the every premium web service that can help your business grow. We work continually to integrate new services, standards, and capabilities from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Alexa, and many others.
  3. Keep It Simple (Stupid). There is frequently more value in simplifying and improving an existing feature, than there is in adding a new one.
  4. Technology is only Useful if it is Usable. All of our features must be both accessible and understandable. Features which are obscure or overly complex will not deliver value.
  5. Customer Relationships are a Two-Way Street. Historically, websites behaved much like brochures in that they allowed you to deliver information to your customers, but receive nothing in return. Miru takes a fundamentally more integrated approach. Besides basic analytics (who is looking at your website, and what are they looking at?), we seek to fully develop your website as a communications portal. This means integrating your site with email, tracking, and social networking capabilities to name a few.

What does "Miru Miru" mean?

Miru Miru (見る見る) is Japanese for "very fast", "instantly", or "before one's eyes".

We chose the name Miru Miru as a play on the term "Wiki Wiki", which is Hawaiian for "very fast". In a similar fashion, we commonly shorten the name to Miru for convenience.